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Sri Ellai Mariamman Temple Idol has been in existence for more than 120 Yrs. Since 1980 the temple has been take care by Sri S.Kalyanasundaram and Sri K. Balaganapathi. 

The idol of the Goddess was discovered as "SUYAMBU Amman" which is self growing (not made or sculptured, but unearthed on its own from the ground) without any Architectural carving. This idol continues upto 6 feet inside the ground. 

In 1985, during the tenure of Dr.M.G.R there was a Govt. order for removal of Platform Temples. Since they were not able to remove the idol or destroy the temple, this Govt. order was banned once and for all. 

In June 27th 1987, the first Kumbabishekam function was performed. Only during this function, the temple was given a full original look with the construction of a Gopuram, installation of Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan. 

In the year 1990, the Maha Mandapam was constructed in the front of the Goddess.

In January 1993, plans were made to install a new idol of Goddess Mariamman just above the self growing Suyambu Amman. A sculptor from Mahabalipuram was given the offer of designing the idol.

On July 1st 1993, the second idol of Mariamman was consecrated and the Kumbabishekam was performed.

Since then during every Aadi Month (32 days), regular Poojas and Floral Decorations for the Goddess are performed.

Every year during the Aadi Month,

Daily morning 108 Sangu Abhishekam-
Evening Sandal Decoration-
on the third Friday Laksha Archanai is performed
on the fourth Friday Chandi Homam is performed.
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